Meet the Children

397 Ilbrahim Thericho Birthday: 2007

Ilbrahim Thericho’s mother passed away in 2013 due to an illness. He was left with a well wisher who brought him to Heroes Of The Nation.

His favorite foods are rice and chapati. He loves playing football with his friends, and his favorite subject is kiswahili. He dreams of being a doctor!

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1102 Bonface Kipkorir Birthday: April 24 2004

Bonface Kipkorir's mother left him when he was 2 months old to the care of the aunt until he came to Heroes Of The Nation. His siblings have also attended Heroes.

His favorite color is red and is favorite subject in school is Science. He loves playing football with his friends and dreams to be a farmer!

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886 Caroline Muthoni Birthday: July 7 2004

Caroline Muthoni has three siblings and was raised by her grandmother, as her mother was not fit to raise her. She has a joyful spirit and is a hard working determined girl!

She loves the color pink and her favorite food is pilau. She enjoys cooking and hopes to be a doctor one day!

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818 Melina Lelesara Birthday: 2006

Melina Lelesara's father was killed by a hippo and her mother fell sick and passed on. Currently she is under the care of her brother.

Her favorite subject in school is Mathematics and loves the color pink! She enjoys playing soccer with her friends and dreams of becoming a banker one day!

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812 Faith Zawadi Birthday: June 1 2007

Faith Zawadi was raised by a single parent until they passed away while Faith was attending Heroes. Since her parent's passing she has been under care of her grandma.

She loves reading story books and learning about Math. Her favorite color is pink!

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739 John Mwaniki Birthday: 2007

John was raised by a single mother. She passed away in 2011 from an illness. John was then taken care of by his aunt. She struggled to provide for him and brought him to Heroes of the Nation in 2015.

John is receiving a quality education and proper care at Heroes of the Nation. He is in 6thgrade and likes to study maths . His favorite color is redand he likes to eat chapatti, unleavened bread. John’s favorite activity is swinging on the swingsalso playing soccer. When he grows up John wants to become a pilot!

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707 Faith Nanamau Birthday: 2008

When Faith's parents died she was left under care of her grandmother, who was too old to take care of her and her siblings. In 2013 Faith got a chance to join Heroes!

Currently Faith is in seventh grade and enjoys studying math. She loves the color pink and enjoys playing hide and seek with friends. Faith hopes to become a pilot.

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761 Esther Wanjiku Birthday: September 9 2002

Esther's siblings and her attend Heroes of the Nation. Their mother is not mentally stable enough to support her children. Currently her and her siblings live with their grandmother.

Esther receives proper care and a quality education at Heroes of the Nation.  She enjoys studying Kiswahili. Her favorite color is pink and her favorite food is Chapati, an unleavened bread.  She loves to sing and dreams of being a musician when she grows up.

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