The Heroes Distinction

Heroes of the Nation is not your typical orphanage! The following three things truly set us apart


Heroes of the Nation embraces orphans in a loving and nurturing community. From arrival on campus, children are taught that they are unique, special and destined for greatness. HTN utilises trauma counceling to reinforce a positive image. Each child knows that there is no limit to what can be achieved.


HTN empowers orphans to be future leaders of their nation. Each child receives an excellent education that prepares them to excel in school, advance to a university, and go on to become leaders in their community. HTN children are also trained in entrepreneurship, community service and finances to equip them with skills for life.


HTN focuses on the economic development and transformation of entire communities. We establish local businesses that provide revenue streams for the orphanage, jobs for the community and vocational training for our children. This groundbreaking entrepreneurial model allows HTN campuses to be financially self-sufficient.

Our Four Pillars

Heroes of the Nation is caring for orphans and training the next generation of leaders.

Education For Life

HTN promotes lifelong learning opportunities for orphans and vulnerable children in mapped counties. We believe that education is foundational to human development and critical to broad based economic development. We intend to achieve this through:Creating an innovative environment Establishing a school of excellence Paying school fees ICT skills Benchmarking with other high performing organisations Nurturing talents Developing skills Offering exposure opportunities Providing a learning culture

Discipleship and Mentorship

HTN promotes living lives that reflect Christ. Mentorship allows Christians to feel safe when speaking honestly and openly about past hurts or difficult situations. Discipleship leads to a full commitment to follow Christ, allowing students to grow in maturity and wisdom and build faith on a strong foundation in order to disciple and lead others towards Christ. HTN achieves this by:Offering spiritual development activities Offering life skills Forming Bible clubs Organizing discipleship camps Offering opportunities to make learning fun and engaging Training of Spiritual leaders Forming partnerships with local and international churches

Improve Livelihood

HTN focuses on economic empowerment in the mapped regions. This provides opportunities for men and women in the community to participate, contribute and benefit from growth processes in ways that recognize the value of their contributions, respect their dignity and provide sustainability for the future. This is an effort to ensure restoration of human dignity, sustainably and curb over dependency. This is accomplished through:Providing basic needs (food, shelter, clothing etc.) Offering financial literacy on investments and saving culture

Promote Holistic Well-being

HTN promotes healthy lives and the well-being of our boys and girls. Good health is a precondition for economic prosperity and a foundation for development. Healthy children will lead to their improved productivity. We will achieve this by:Offering protection against child abuse, early marriages, and physical abuse Improving health through good nutrition and access to medical care Psycho-social support to promote mental and emotional well-being