Peter 13yrs ID: HTN 2352

Peter was born on the 12th of April 2010 and he is currently attending grade 7. His family is from the Kikuyu community. Both of his parents are deceased and he is staying with his aunt Martha Waithira who does farming and casual labor for a living. He has one brother. Peter’s favorite color is blue. His hobby is football. In school his favorite subject is music and he dreams to become a pilot.


Peter’s parents passed away and he has been under the care of his aunt. He is the second child in a family of two children. The first child completed secondary school but could not pursue further studies due to financial constraints in the family. Peter’s mother was a second wife and when the husband died, the children were chased away from the family’s home and have no family orcommunity support. The aunt does small jobs to be able to provide for the children as she has her own plus her two siblings and she is asking for help as she is finding it very difficult to afford school fees for the children so HTN’S help, and support would go a long way.