Bakhita Njeri 8yrs

She is an eight-year-old girl and is currently in grade 3 she comes from the Kikuyu community. Her mother is alive, but she stays with her grandmother, a casual laboror, and she is an only child. Her favorite color is green, her favorite food is chapati and rice, her favorite subject is Math, her hobby is playing football, and her dream is to become a doctor.


Bakhita is an only child, and her mother is a single parent she is abled differently and is in a wheelchair. The grandmother is her guardian because the mother is not able to fully take care of her and provide for her. Someone took advantage of the mother and Bakhita was born. Bakhita is mentally challenged. The family has no productive assets and no savings. Due to the small wages earned by the grandmother, they cannot even afford to have two meals a day and therefore they sometimes end up sleeping hungry. They live in a borrowed two-bedroom house.

The child can communicate but cannot accomplish simple intellectual tasks and was very anxious during the interview. She and the grandmother do not have a good relationship and she is at risk of physical abuse from the caregiver. Considering all the challenges that the child faces, she is in a very vulnerable situation and in need of help.