Bradley 8yrs ID: HTN 2364

He was born in 2015, and he is in PP2, and he comes from the Kikuyu community. He lives with his mother who is a single parent, and he is an only child. The mother does not have a source of income because she does not work. Her favorite color is purple, her favorite food is rice, her favorite subject is Environmental science, she likes playing football during her free time, and she dreams of becoming a doctor.


Bradley’s mother is an alcoholic, and a person living with HIV/AIDS. The grandmother is old and ailing therefore she is not able to support the child. He had not been going to school until recently when a teacher approached the chief and asked him to intervene. Most of the time the teachers provide food for the kid during school days. He does not go to school for most days and a teacher has to go and get him because his mother is very irresponsible and does not know the whereabouts of her child most of the time.

Even for this interview, the teachers are the ones that brought him because no one knew where his mother was, she leaves the kids days a week alone in the house and comes back when she wants to. He is suffering from malnutrition, he is often experiencing stomach pains and has rashes all over his body. The child is at risk of diseases and harm because he has no one to look after him, the mother neglects him and does not care about him.

He is very confident and able to express himself openly and properly though he appears to be very anxious. He is at risk of dropping out of school if no one follows up on him. He comprehends the situation around him and can communicate and has good social behavior. Bradley needs immediate assistance due to his situation at home in terms of care and finances, that is school fees and food.