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Heroes of the Nation is caring for orphans and training the next generation of leaders.



Orphans have passed through HTN

About Heroes Of The Nation

Heroes of the Nation is dedicated to the mission of restoring orphans and vulnerable children in Laikipia Kenya. Our campus currently houses 300 children and an extra 500 in community based public schools receiving basic needs, nourishment, quality education, counseling and medical needs. Most importantly the Heroes of the Nation students receive the transforming love of Jesus. Our commitment to the children in our care is to transform lives through restorative wellness, therapy and Biblical discipleship to become Hereoes of the Nation of Kenya.

Heroes Of The Nation Was Founded in


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"Whatever you do, do it as unto the Lord"

Violet Gitonga
Founder HTN

Our Seven Strategies

Kingdom Culture

HTN bases all the activities involved in achieving our vision on following the rule of God, seeking his will and leading lives that embrace the concept of obedience to God’s commandments. We promote this among staff members and our boys and girls through prayer culture, daily devotions, staff fellowship, and learning and growing in our faith.

Efficient systems & Processes

Efficiency leads to improved productivity by doing away with activities that waste time and resources. Systems ensure track-ability of processes thus accountability. It will also lead to better-informed decisions and execution of necessary tasks.

Efficient Governance Culture

Governance structures provide accountability and control systems. This reduces risk, unlocks new opportunities and makes the organization become stable and productive. Internal structures contain the rules and processes that make HTN thrive. It also provides a clear direction of the model of Heroes of the Nation.

Effective Communication

HTN will reach larger audiences in an effort to create awareness of the work we are doing and consequently get more partners to help us achieve our vision.

Networking, Partnership & Collaborations

HTN forms strong partnerships and networks to access more opportunities, new ideas and different perspectives, and provide the necessary support to achieve our vision. This enables HTN to be able to develop long-lasting personal relations that will give our partners ownership in Heroes of the Nation.

High Performance Culture

A high-performance is the foundation that makes us as effective as possible in supporting the organization’s goals and providing value. We will achieve this by having a common purpose and goals guided by the organization’s core values. HTN promotes teamwork and cohesion with a growth mindset. This is provided through continuous learning, training and development programs.


HTN desires to create a self-sustaining environment for the organization to remain strong through investments, sponsorships, partnerships and short term missions with an end goal of reaching more boys and girls to become Heroes of the Nation

"A great man is judged by his contribution to the society & his deeds while on earth"

Weston Gitonga
Founder HTN

Our Vision

The Heroes vision is to provide safety, healing and discipleship to the vulnerable and orphaned transforming boys and girls into Godly leaders who will one day transform nations.

Our Mission

Equip and Empower Children through Holistic Care and Support.

Our Core Values

We are Spirit Led
We have a kingdom mindset
We are family
We are ambassadors of hope
We are committed to Excellency

Our Pilars

The strategy outlines a bold agenda for the organisation over the next 5 years, 2022-2027. It is based on an ambitious vision and mission, and strategic goals, and will be supported by strategic enablers.