Hellen 12yrs ID: HTN 2356

Hellen was born on 8th July 2011 and is currently in grade 7. She is from the Samburu community, and she lives with her mother. She has two brothers and five sisters. Her father passed on and her mother is a casual worker. Her favorite color is red, her favorite food is riceand chicken, her favorite subject is business, her hobby is playing football, and her dream is to become a teacher.


Hellen’s father was killed by robbers in 2005 in a place he was working as a security guard, and he left behind a widow and seven children. The firstborn is in the university being sponsored by Equity Foundation. The second is in high school and the mother is really struggling because school fees is expensive and her only source of income is casual jobs which are scarce.

Sometimes she does not afford to buy food and the children depend on the food they eat in school. She is appealing for help from Heroes so that her daughter can be able to continue with her studies, so she is no longer able to afford to pay for her school fees. She is confident and knows how to express herself.