Fridah 11yrs ID: HTN 2359

Fridah was born on 16th March 2012 and is currently in grade 5. She is from the Kalenjin community, and she lives with her grandmother who is a small-scale farmer. Her mother who was a single parent passed on and she has one sister. Her favorite color is red, her favorite food is rice, her favorite subject is Kiswahili, her hobby is dancing, and her dream is to become a doctor.


Her mother passed on due to ISS in 2013. She was a single parent and Fridah was left under the care of her grandmother. The grandmother is also taking care of another of her grandchildren and it is becoming very difficult because she does not have a source of income, she depends on food from her small land which does not provide food right now because of the dry season. Although she does not have a job, the grandmother is ready to look for a way to get money to be able to provide Fridah will the things she will need to be using in school.

They stay in the same compound as her uncles who have been given a portion of land to build their houses and they are drunkards. She is well-behaved and she is an average performer in school, she is confident, and she can accomplish simple intellectual tasks, and has good comprehension and communication skills.