Queenstacy 10yrs ID: HTN 2351

Queen was born on 19th May 2013, and she is currently in grade 5. She is from the Kikuyu community, and she lives with her mother who is a fruit vendor. Her mother is a single parent, and she has only one brother. Her favorite color is red, her favorite food is rice and peas, her favorite subjects are CRE and Science, her hobby is doing acrobats, and her dream is to become a doctor.


She is the firstborn of a family of two children. Her father abandoned them when her mother was still pregnant with Queen. The mother later remarried when Stacy was seven years old but he did not want Queen because she wasn’t his biological child and said she was a burden. He eventually left them because he had another family. Raising two children on her own and having only casual labor to depend on is very difficult therefore she is asking for help for Queen to be able to continue with her studies. She is confident, she can communicate properly, and she can accomplish simple intellectual tasks.