Brian 11yrs ID: HTN 2363

Brian was born on 7th December 2011 and is currently in grade 6. She is from the Kikuyu community and he lives with his mother and his sister and two brothers. The mother has no source of income. His favorite color is blue, his favorite food is pilau, his favorite subject is Mathematics, his hobby is playing football, and his dream is to become an electrical engineer.


Brian is the firstborn in a family of two. The parents separated four years ago because the husband was a drunkard and very irresponsible. The mother suffers from goiter, and she attends clinic every month and the treatment is very expensive. The mother works as a casual laborer and that’s the only source of income that she has. The other family members do not support them because they neglected her because she separated from her husband. She has undergone very many surgeries so far and she is not supposed to do strenuous work.

She is appealing for help for her son to continue with his studies. They live in abject poverty; they do not have their own place to stay, and they are currently being housed by the mother’s sister who also has her own family. They already have a huge fee balance from Brian’s previous school.