Margaret 13yrs ID: HTN 2355

She was born in 2010 and is 13 years and in grade 6. She is from the Turkana community and has one brother. Her mother abandoned them, and she is now staying with a well-wisher who does casual labor. Her favorite color is pink, her favorite food is rice, her favorite subject is science and technology, her hobby is playing with friends, and her dream is to become a singer.



Margaret is the lastborn in a family of only two children. Her mother had been employed but after a while, she was laid off and she started drinking which led to her neglecting her children and eventually, she abandoned them. Her elder brother does casual labor to support himself in paying school fees and for now, he is also staying with a well-wisher. The neighbor who took Margaret in also has her own kids and they only depend on casual labor to provide for the family.

They live on their own land where they have built their three-room permanent home. Margaret was very close to her mother and is still affected by her absence, but she is strong. She is very bold and confident, can communicate, and her comprehension is good. She is also in good health.