Mercy 8yrs ID: HTN 2354

He is in PP2 and was born on 1st May 2015. She is from the Kikuyu community and stays with his mother who is a single parent, and she has two brothers and three sisters. Her mother is a casual laborer. Her favorite color is yellow, her favorite food is rice and potatoes, her favorite subject is the alphabet, her hobby is playing, and her dream is to become chief.


Mercy has five siblings, and they are from a single-parent family. The mother has been finding it difficult to make ends meet. Mercy and her siblings spend most of their time out of school due to the lack of food and school fees. There have very many instances where they have almost been kicked out of their rented house due to lack of paying the rent but every time the landlord has pitied them and let them stay because of the small kids and he sees how she is struggling.

She gets her small wages from casual jobs, but it has been very difficult to get work. She has tried asking for help from family members, but they have not been able to help, and this has led to the children going without food most of the time. They were abandoned by their father, and they haven’t seen him again. The mother seems to be struggling with her mental health due to the stress she is currently under in trying to overcome the challenges they are facing. Due to the lack of food, the child has developed malnutrition. The child needs help because she is very vulnerable.