Alice 5yrs ID: HTN 2345

Alice is 5 years old; she is in PP2. She is from the Turkana community. Her mother is a single parent she is under the guardianship of her aunt because the mother is sick. She has three sisters. Her favorite color is red, her favorite food is rice, her favorite subject is Letters, her hobby is playing, and her dream is to become a doctor.


The mother to Alice became half-paralyzed after giving birth to her lastborn. She lost feeling inthe lower part of her body a few months ago and has not been able to take care of her children.Her firstborn now lives with her grandmother who provides basic needs for her. Alice is the second born, and the third born is still at home because of the lack of school fees.

The last is a newborn. Their aunt took the responsibility of providing for her sister and her kids.She is now staying with them. She is a widow whose husband was attacked by wild animals 4 years ago. She was left with her six kids. Alice’s Aunt is having a very hard time burden of taking care of her own kids. She is responsible for feeding her sister and family.

Alice’s mother has never been taken to see a specialist due to the lack of funds. The aunt’sfirstborn dropped out of school in form two and is now the one helping his mom by going for casual work to assist in providing for the family. One of her younger kids was pulled out of school so that there can be someone to take care of the small kids.