Antony 7yrs ID: HTN 2346

Anthony is a seven-year-old boy and is currently in grade 2. He is from the Kikuyu community. His mother is a casual laborer, and he has three brothers and two sisters. His favorite color is red, his favorite food is ugali and meat, his favorite subject is Math, his hobby is playing football, and his dream is to become a pilot.


The mother is the head of the family, and she is a single mother, the family lives in abject poverty. Anthony has five siblings who are all in school. The father abandoned the family and left the mother struggling to raise the six kids on her own. They have no productive and liquid assets. The children often go without meals due to the lack of money to buy food. The mother suffers from high blood pressure and is required to take some medication which sometimes she cannot do either because the medicines are very expensive. They live in a house that the community built for them. Anthony is able to communicate and accomplish intellectual tasks and is confident and composed and is in need of help to be able to continue with his studies.