Shadrack 9yrs ID: HTN 2349

Shadrack was born on 19th March 2014 and is in grade 6. He is from the Samburu community. He has two brothers and three sisters, and their father passed on and they now stay with their mother who is a casual laborer. His favorite color is red, his favorite is ugali and meat, his favorite subject is social studies, his hobby is athletics, and his dream is to be a police officer.


The firstborn completed high school, the second and third-born never attended school, and the fourth was only able to go up to grade 8 and after that, his mother could not afford to pay for her school fees. Shadrack is the fifth child and the sixth is in grade 2. The father fell ill and passed on. The mother is healthy, the only challenge is raising school fees and money for food.