Gerald 13yrs ID: HTN 2358

Gerald was born on 27th June 2010, and he is in grade 7. He is from the Kikuyu community, and he lives with his mother he has two brothers. His mother is a casual laborer. His favorite color is yellow, his favorite food is ugali and meat, his favorite subject is English, his hobby is singing, and his dream is to be a journalist.


Gerald is the firstborn, and he has two brothers. The mother is a single parent who relies on casual jobs to provide for the family. She separated from her husband last year because he was abusive. Gerald has spent a lot of time without going to school because they moved around a lot after they ran away from his father’s house. His younger brother is at home yet he is of age to join school but the mother cannot afford to pay for his school fees. The mother is appealing for help because Gerald is very bright, and she wants him to be able to have a great future.