Victor 13yrs ID: HTN 2348

Victor was born in 2010 and he is currently in grade 2. He is from the Pokot community, and he has four brothers and two sisters. His mother is alive, but he stays with his aunt who does not have a job. His favorite color is black, his favorite food is chapati and green grams, his favorite subject is CRE, his hobby is playing football, and his dream is to become a policeman.


The mother is ailing from HIV/AIDS, and she is very weak. She has no source of income, so her relatives and well-wishers help Victor and his siblings with food. She was not even present during the interview because she is too weak to get out of bed and so which means she does not even work. Victor and his siblings had never attended school until 2019 when they joined when they were too old for the beginners’ class. Victor joined kindergarten at the age of nine. They live in abject poverty and have no hope of any future since the mother is sick and they have no one else to provide for them.

Their aunt is the one that brought Victor for the interview so that he can get the opportunity to be helped and supported by HTN so that he can continue studying and be hopeful again of a bright future. He was dressed very shabby, and his uniform was tattered, and he looked very weak, it was evident that he is very vulnerable because they usually go for days without having anything to eat. He is a slow learner, and he needs all the help he can get.