Emmanuel 11yrs ID: HTN 2361

Emmanuel was born on 5th May 2012 and is currently in grade 5. He is from the Kikuyu community, and he stays with his great-grandmother and one sister and brother. His mother passed and his father is alive but not present in their lives. His favorite color is blue, his favorite food is chapati, his favorite subjects are home science and math, his hobby is dancing, and his dream is to become a driver.


His father left the children alone in the house for too long when he had to work and the great-grandmother was told of the situation by the neighbors and she took them in. She is aged therefore she does not do any work; she relies on help from the community, church, and her family. The great-grandmother is the one that caters to the children. His mother passed on due to cancer in 2021. His younger sister lives with her grandmother.

The child is competent and well-behaved, but his studies were interrupted because they used to move around a lot. His great-grandmother is currently using a cane to walk because she got injured and she was also diagnosed with arthritis. She used to plant some crops to be able to get food to feed the children. The children have not yet recovered from the loss of their mother, especially Emmanuel’s older brother who was affected the most.