Discipleship Programme

Discipleship Empowerment

Upon graduation from the Heroes of the Nation campus, HTN offers continuing discipleship and education to further sustain our graduates and empower them to become spirit-filled warriors as they transition into the market-place community. Our discipleship programme is designed to take their education and discipleship a step further and to transition them well into becoming fully devoted Heroes of the Nation of Kenya through serving in their community and giving back the blessings they have received.

Development Budget


Funds Raised So Far

Discipleship Center

HTN is setting up a discipleship centre for our students as they transition into the marketplace. The centre seeks to instill kingdom principles, producing spirit-filled warriors.

Pastors Network

We have over 100 pastors preaching the gospel in communities where we rescue children, especially in hardship areas. To empower the communities we support by training and equipping the pastors monthly.