Our Why

We want our students to be equipped to continue their education after high school

Nothing Is Impossible

My dream is to become a judge in the future and help other children in Kenya who do not have parents, and they need a lot of help to achieve their dreams.” – Stanley“I want to thank you so much for what you have done for us. May God bless you and expand your territories for helping others.” Mary: “I am working very hard to achieve my goals. Thank you for the support you have given to us. If it weren't for you and my God, I don’t know where I would be. You have provided me with love.” – Simon


Beth completed her schooling at Heroes of the Nation, then went on to study for a certificate in community health development. During her course, she was very active in college and was awarded several certificates of involvement. Beth completed an internship at the best hospital in the region and then returned to HTN, offering her services to the children. She held responsibility for the school clinic and handled minor ailments. We are so proud of her and grateful for her service to the kids at HTN!


When Lawrence came to Heroes of the Nation, he was dealing with the traumas connected to death and poverty. Both of his parents had died, leaving Lawrence as the sole provider for his siblings. He dropped out of school so that he could begin working. Heroes of the Nation saw the family’s increasingly desperate situation and admitted the children to the HTN campus. Lawrence quickly began to thrive in a loving and caring environment. He showed diligence in academics, excelling in chemistry and reading. In 2010, Lawrence completed his final high school examinations. In 2011, Lawrence was excited to be accepted into one of Kenya’s top universities. He joined other HTN graduates at this prestigious school, where he is now studying.

Message From Beth

“I believe that God rewards those who stretch their hands towards the widows and fatherless, and so you too are part of that blessing! Thank you for giving me hope that I can study beyond high school level and have a bright future.”

Your Helping Hand Is A Blessing

Many children in Kenya are not able to finish their high school education. When Lawrence graduates with a college degree, he will be far ahead of his peers. Lawrence will actually be able to enter society as a productive member, contributing instead of asking for a handout. Your investment in children is long-lasting! HTN’s model is showing true success, equipping students to be leaders. Thank you for your support. You are helping young people realise the dreams that could change a nation!