Diana 11yrs ID: HTN 2362

Diana was born on 6th August 2012, and she is currently in grade 5. She is from the Kikuyu community, and she stays with her mother who is a single parent. She has two brothers and one sister, and her mother is a casual worker. Her favorite color is pink, her favorite food is chapatiand peas, her favorite subjects are Kiswahili and Science, her hobby is dancing, and her dream is to become a lawyer.


Diana is the third born in a family of four. Her parents separated 10 years ago because the mother found out that her husband had another family in the village. She depends on casual jobs as her source of income therefore she is struggling to provide basic needs for her children. Having a child in secondary school is challenging because the school fees is very expensive and that is why she is seeking help from HTN so that Diana can be able to continue with her studies. She is confident, she can communicate properly, and she can accomplish simple intellectual tasks.