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Engaging in community work helps address local issues, strengthen community bonds, and create positive change.

Visiting the children and participating in community work are vital aspects of fostering empathy, compassion, and social responsibility within society. Interacting with Heroes Of The Nation not only provides the children with much-needed companionship and support but also offers a chance to understand their struggles and lend a helping hand. Engaging in community work helps address local issues, strengthen community bonds, and create positive change. Additionally, participating in fellowship activities fosters a sense of belonging and unity among individuals, encouraging collaboration towards common goals and enhancing personal growth. By actively involving ourselves in these endeavors, we not only contribute to the well-being of others but also enrich our own lives through meaningful connections and a sense of purpose in serving our communities.



Bethel School of Supernatural Ministry

It was an incredible blessing to have the BSSM (Bethel School of Supernatural Ministry) team visit Heroes of the Nation for the second time. Not only did our children, staff, and community benefit greatly, but we also witnessed numerous miracles in the surrounding areas. The team's generosity and hard work resulted in the construction of two houses for displaced families and the building of two latrines in Posta Area. They also distributed food to 10 households, providing much-needed sustenance for those in need. In addition to their physical contributions, the team also made a positive impact through their participation in a football tournament with our discipleship students and the community football team. Other team members joined forces with our Kingdom Nation team in ministering to high school students, visiting prisons, and reaching out to the community. We are delighted to announce that some of our learners have been sponsored by the team, and we are overwhelmed with gratitude to God for this incredible opportunity. The BSSM team's visit has truly been a blessing beyond measure, and we are grateful for their continued partnership and support.


Free Medical Camp

The free medical camp organized by the team of doctors from the U.S. led by Doctor Chris, in partnership with Heroes of the Nation and Laikipia county, was a huge success. The event aimed to provide essential healthcare services to people of all ages in the community. More than a thousand individuals participated and benefited from the services provided by the dedicated team of healthcare professionals. The services offered included general health checkups, blood pressure and diabetes screening, pediatric consultations, women's health consultations, immunizations for COVID-19, H.I.V testing and counseling, and cervical cancer screening. In addition to these services, there were also health awareness talks by medical experts and distribution of educational materials. The impact of this event was immense and it was heartening to see the community come together to support each other's health. We are proud to be ambassadors of hope and we hope to see more partnerships like this in the future.


US MEDIA TEAM ( Greg Silker, Mathew, and Issah)

On the 7th of April 2023, Heroes of the Nation (HTN) received a team from the U.S who came with a specific purpose: to train the HTN media team on skills, techniques, and knowledge on how to film and create short film stories. The training was mostly practical, and after a week of working together, the team produced a film titled "Soilan." This film was based on a true story from one of the children who had gone through HTN's stewardship program. The team, consisting of three members, spent the entire week at HTN, immersing themselves in the organization's culture and mission. The impact of this training was evident within the HTN community, and such visitors and encounters are what HTN prays and yearns for. It was a memorable and enriching experience for both the HTN team and the visiting team, and it further strengthened the bond between HTN and its supporters from around the world.


Kings Church Team

We are filled with immense gratitude and joy for the amazing experience we had hosting the team from Kings Church New York. Our team, Kingdom Nation, joined forces with the Kings Church members and within one week, we were able to reach out to prisoners, colleges, and universities in the Laikipia area. The team even had the chance to spend a night at the Manyattas, immersing themselves in the local culture. As ambassadors of hope, we were humbled by the passion and dedication of the Kings Church team, and their outreach ministry and fellowship left a lasting impact not only on our children but on our entire community. We are thankful for the strengthened relationship and cannot wait to have them back at HTN again! 🙌✨

The team discussed and addressed topics on
1 sexual purity
2 Drugs and substance abuse
3 purpose
4 Christianity