What We Believe

Children are the Future
Children at Heroes of the Nation are not thought of as orphans, but as heroes and future leaders. With this understanding we are dedicated to invest time, energy, money and resources into their lives in order to see them equipped for life-long success.

Education is Key to Success
We provide an excellent education for our children so that they are able to pursue their dreams and become leaders in their area of interest. Our commitment to them extends beyond graduation from high school. Each child will be equipped to pursue university, college or vocational training.

Invest in Local Communities
We make long-term commitments to economic growth and development in communities for true, lasting change. Children at Heroes of the Nation will graduate into a city that is financially more independent because of HTN’s investment into the region. We accomplish economic growth in communities through establishing local businesses which generate revenue and job opportunities.

Collaborate with Qualified National Leaders
We are committed to equip our national staff with the resources they need to perform to the best of their abilities. We work in collaboration with our Kenyan Directors in decision making and program development, welcoming their understanding of local culture, limitations and opportunities. It is our desire that HTN Kenyan staff would know that they are a crucial part in bringing change to their community. In an environment of trust, camaraderie and collaborative leadership, local and international staff exchange ideas for development. We want our Kenyan staff to look to themselves, not a Western office, for decision making.

Develop Self-Sufficient Campuses
We focus on economic and micro-business development. Local businesses provide revenue streams for the orphanage, allowing campuses to be financially self-sufficient. This entrepreneurial model allows the HTN model to be duplicated worldwide.

Champion Social Justice
We seek to elevate the dignity and humanity of every person by advocating human rights and equality. We champion the cause of the orphaned and abandoned.