Four new greenhouses on the HTN campuses are allowing donors to multiply their gifts through sustainable agriculture. These greenhouses provide our children with the nutrients they need from fresh fruits and vegetables. Extra produce is sold and money is invested back into the greenhouse. The greenhouses are also helping HTN in the midst of a national crisis. You may have heard about the recent drought in Eastern Africa. Food prices in some areas have tripled in price, bringing hunger and starvation. We are so grateful for our donors, Rich Blair, HTN Norway and Be the Gift who sponsored these greenhouses for HTN and decided to invest in sustainable agriculture. Now, in the face of drought, HTN has a reliable and consistent source of fresh vegetables.

Even though food prices are extremely high, our children are able to get the vegetables they need on a regular basis.

Extra vegetables from the greenhouse are sold in the local community. The revenue created provides a job for greenhouse staff and pays for the upkeep of the greenhouse. This is truly a sustainable agricultural business model.