One thing that sets Heroes of the Nation apart is our desire to support our children through their higher education. After graduation from high school, we help our students get into a college, university, or vocational training.

We are committed to supporting our children until they are financially able to provide for themselves.

This year has been a successful oen for our graduates! One of our students, Kelvin, is enrolled in Kenyatta University, one of the best schools in Kenya. He and fellow HTN classmates are working hard in pursuing their dreams. Over the summer, Kelvin taught chemistry and math in an internship program.

Peter is also attending Kenyatta University and is pursuing a law degree. He had the opportunity to intern with a law office over the summer. His friend Michael is studying business finance and interned with a bank over the summer.

Patricia and Millicent have graduated from their teacher programs and are now instructing pre-school children. One of our other graduates, Josephine, is currently studying accounting.

These are just some of our graduates who have been equipped with practical vocational training skills. They will accomplish great things in their life through your support! Thank you fore believing in these graduates – with your help, they WILL become Kenya’s next leaders.