Educational Strength

“From the streets of Kenya to the Halls of Universities”

A private school on the HTN campus educates almost 500 children. We offer quality education from Preschool to the 12th grade, making college a feasible and attainable goal for many of our students!


In the midst of difficult backgrounds, delayed education, and extreme obstacles, our children are overcoming the odds and consistently testing top in the district! Stellar teachers, hard-working children, and faithful donors make this possible.


Here is a quick report on the most recent test scores:


Out of 26 schools….


1st Grade – ranked 1st in the district

2nd Grade – ranked 2nd in the district

3rd Grade – ranked 4th in the district

4th Grade – ranked 6th in the district

5th Grade – ranked 1st in the district!

6th Grade – ranked 2nd in the district

7th Grade – ranked 6th in the district



P.S. Are you interested in giving towards our school? Simply write ‘education’ in the giving section and 100% of your funds will go directly toward schooling for kids at HTN. Thank you!

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