100% Model

100% of your gift goes toward your designated project!

When you give to HTN, you can know that 100% of your gift will go toward your specification. We won’t take these funds for admin expenses. We even cover the cost of wiring so that your entire gift goes to the children. Here are a few projects that we are raising money for now:

1.) New textbooks – new books have been issued by the government and we need to get our students with the most current information so that they are well prepared for upcoming examinations! Designate TEXTBOOKS for your gift.

2.) We love welcoming new children to the HTN campus! Even though we can’t admit every child in need of care, we do a background/screening process to make sure we are helping the most needy children. When these children come to HTN, they are without extra clothes… sometimes they don’t even have shoes. Would you give toward a fund to provide shoes, toiletries, uniforms, gym clothes, sweaters, blankets and play clothes for new children? Designate NEW CHILDREN for your gift.

3.) Our teachers! Many have sacrificed a higher salary at a government school because they are passionate about helping children. They believe in our cause. We love to bless our teachers with surprise bonuses. Would you give toward them? Thank you! Designate TEACHERS for your gift.